Nelson DeMille Tells His Fans “Something Big Is Coming”

Nelson DeMille took to both Twitter and Facebook to put his fans on notice that “something big is coming.”

Honestly, I have no idea what the news will be for sure (though you can bet I’m trying to find out)…

Here’s what I can say, though. As far back as November of 2015, we were reporting on our site that DeMille’s next novel would be set in Cuba. A month later, in December of 2015, we posted this article about the possibility of another film adaption for one of his books. And, a month after that, in January of this year, we wrote that DeMille’s next novel would, surprisingly, not be part of his John Corey series. 

I’ve heard only whispers about the author’s next book, and it seems like some news is due to come out eventually. But if he’s not teasing upcoming details (like a name, plot synopsis, and

maybe even the cover art) about that, I can only assume we’ll be getting movie news. 

Either way, make sure to check back often. As soon as the news breaks, I’ll be all over it! 

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