Book Announcement: ‘Final Target’ by John Gilstrap

Bestselling author John Gilstrap has been teasing small details on his Facebook page about the next Jonathan Grave novel. It was recently announced that the ninth book in the series, following this year’s Friendly Fire, will be titled Final Target.

While the plot details for Final Target still unknown, I caution fans from reading too much into the title. Gilstrap himself commented back to one fan, explaining that this won’t be the last Grave book… so breathe easy. 

While there’s no pre-order link yet or official release date set, I expect Final Target to hit bookstores sometime next summer. The one thing we do have, however, is a look at the cover art which Gilstrap unveiled to fans on Thursday afternoon.

Scroll down to check out the slick-looking cover, and make sure to check back as I’ll update this article as soon as more details are announced. Lastly, if you haven’t already, order your copy of Friendly Fire right away! 




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