Book Announcement: Paul Vidich’s ‘The Good Assassin’ Is Scheduled To Hit Bookstores Next April

Paul Vidich burst onto the scene earlier this year with his gritty debut thriller, An Honorable Man, a Cold War-era spy novel that follows CIA operative George Mueller as he looks for a mole inside the Central Intelligence Agency. 

While it wasn’t immediately known if Vidich’s fist book would be the start of a new series, that information was confirmed last month by his publisher, Atria Books. Now, just a few weeks later, we have a title, cover, release date, and official plot details! 

The Good Assassin will see the return of Geroge Mueller, now a former CIA agent, and is scheduled to hit bookstores on April 18, 2017. Scroll down to read the official plot synopsis and to check out the cover art, which looks fantastic. Lastly, and most importantly, of course, click here to pre-order your copy of The Good Assassin today. 

From the publisher:

“Paul Vidich follows up his acclaimed debut spy thriller with a suspenseful tale of Cold War espionage set in 1950s Cuba, as foreign powers compete to influence the outcome of a revolution.

Former CIA Agent George Mueller arrives in Havana in August 1958—the last months before the fall of Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista—to look into the activities of Toby Graham, a CIA officer suspected of harboring sympathies for the rebel forces fighting the unpopular Batista regime. Mueller knew Graham as an undergraduate and later they were colleagues in Berlin fighting the Soviet NKVD. Under the guise of their long acquaintance Mueller is recruited to vet rumors that Graham is putting weapons, covertly provided by the CIA to Batista, into the hands of Castro’s forces. Public exposure of the CIA weapons mission, and the activity of one rogue agent, threaten to embarrass the agency.

Mueller uncovers a world of deceit as the FBI, CIA, and State Department compete to influence the outcome of the revolution in the face of the brutal dictatorship’s imminent collapse. Graham, meanwhile, is troubled by the hypocrisy of a bankrupt US foreign policy, and has fallen in love with a married American woman, Liz Malone.”




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