‘TRAP THE DEVIL’: Ben Coes’ Next Dewey Andreas Novel Is Set To Blast Its Way Into Bookstores Next June

ben-coes-author-picGreat news, thriller fans! It appears that Ben Coes will follow up this year’s hit novel, First Strike, with a brand new Dewey Andreas thriller called Trap The Devil.

So far, all we know about Trap The Devil is that it will, indeed, be the seventh installment in Coes’ bestselling Dewey Andreas series, and that it will arrive in bookstores next summer. It’s currently slated for a June 27th release date, but that could change. The truth is, anything official is hard to come by this far out, which is why we don’t have any plot details or cover art yet. 

Nonetheless, this is fantastic news for fans of the genre, as Coes has been a rising star since releasing his debut novel, Power Down, in 2010. While Dewey was already one of the genre’s most compelling action heroes, Coes took things to another level with this year’s First Strike, which is one of the best political thrillers written in recent memory. In fact, I would rank it right up there with all-time greats like Vince Flynn’s Transfer of Power, Brad Thor’s Code of Conduct, and Daniel Silva’s The Confessor

First Strike offers a complex scenario in which American special forces intercept one of the Islamic State’s weapons caches, only for the terror group to respond by taking over an entire dormitory at Columbia Univeristy. With hundreds of students being held hostage and all of the building’s entry points wired with explosives to prevent law enforcement from staging an assault, ISIS promises to execute one student every hour until they get their weapons back.

Eventually, the American president finds himself in a no-win situation and calls on the one man he trusts to save the day: ex-special ops soldier Dewey Andreas. 

If you haven’t read First Strike yet, buy it immediately and move it to the top of your reading list. Not only is it well-written, action-packed, and full of suspense, but with all the recent terrorist attacks on American soil, it’s a timely thriller that paints a realistic picture of who the enemy is and the violence they’re capable of. 

With Coes having officially taken his seat at the top of the genre alongside Brad Thor, Kyle Mills, and Daniel Silva, whatever he writes next is must-read material. So even though we don’t know plot details for Trap The Devil, it’s still a safe bet to pre-order early, which you can do by clicking here

Make sure to check back for updates, because I’ll update this article just as soon as more details are released! 

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