Check Out The Plot Details For Ben Coes’ Next Dewey Andreas Thriller, ‘Trap The Devil’

ben coes 3.jpgNews surrounding bestselling author Ben Coes has been fast and furious as of late.

Three weeks ago we announced that Coes’ seventh novel, scheduled to hit bookstores next June, will be titled Trap The Devil. Then, two weeks ago we reported that Coes has signed a new three-book deal with his long-time publisher, St. Martin’s press.

Additionally, word leaked that not all of those new books will be part of Coes’ Dewey Andreas series. Rather, at least one book in his new contract will be the start of a new spin-off series starring FBI agent Rob Tacoma, who was first introduced as a secondary character in Coes’ 2012 thriller The Last Refuge

Now, just in case all that news wasn’t quite enough for thriller fans, there’s some more really exciting information to share.

The first plot details for Trap The Devil have emerged, and this book sounds freakin’ awesome. Seriously! Warning: After reading this description you’ll likely experience a strong desire to pre-order this novel. Thankfully, you can do just that be clicking here

With that business handled, keep reading… 

“A group of some of the most powerful people in the government, the military, and the private sector has begun a brutal plan to quietly take over the reins of the U.S. government. They’ve begun to remove the people who stand in their way—and replace them with their own sympathizers and puppets. They’ve already taken out the Speaker of the House—whose death was made to look like an accidental drowning—and the president and vice president are next. Once they have their own people in place, they plan to start a bloody, brutal war on an unimaginable scale.

On restricted duty while he recovers from injuries incurred on a previous mission, Dewey Andreas is sent to Paris by CIA Director Hector Calibrisi. The Secretary of State is going there for secret talks and Dewey is to be an extra layer of security above the State Department team. But what should be an easy mission couldn’t go more wrong. The cabal has sent in a hit man to take out the Secretary of State and lay the blame for this murder at the feet of Dewey himself.

With the Secretary of State dead, shot by Dewey’s weapon, Dewey is on the run and out in the cold, desperately trying to unravel the plot before the conspirators succeed in killing millions of innocents.”

Yeah. What’d I tell you? This book is setting up to be Ben Coes’ most action-packed novel yet, which is really saying something considering that this year’s First Strike is probably one of the best political thrillers of the last few decades. 

For those who aren’t reading Coes’ novels, you’re missing out. Especially if you’re a fan of Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp, Brad Thor’s Scot Harvath, or Daniel Silva’s Gabriel Allon. Coes’s character, Dewey Andreas, a former Delta operator, is written in the same vein as those other guys and is one of the genre’s must-read protagonists. Power Down is the first book in the series so if you’re a newcomer, start there. 

Mark your calendars now, Trap The Devil will blast its way into bookstores everywhere on June 27, 2017. 

Update 10/18/2016: 

Having previously reported that Coes signed a new three-book deal with St. Martin’s, it looks like that is now a done deal. The author posted this to his official Facebook account today. 

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