Exclusive: See The Cover For Ben Coes’ 2017 Thriller, ‘Trap The Devil’

If you’ve been following our coverage of Ben Coes’ forthcoming novel, Trap The Devil, the seventh installment in his bestselling Dewey Andreas franchise, then you know how high we are on this book heading into the new year. 

While Trap The Devil won’t officially hit bookstore shelves until next June 27th, we managed to get our hands on an early look at the explosive plot details and, well, it’s intense! 

“A group of some of the most powerful people in the government, the military, and the private sector has begun a brutal plan to quietly take over the reins of the U.S. government. They’ve begun to remove the people who stand in their way—and replace them with their own sympathizers and puppets. They’ve already taken out the Speaker of the House—whose death was made to look like an accidental drowning—and the president and vice president are next. Once they have their own people in place, they plan to start a bloody, brutal war on an unimaginable scale.

On restricted duty while he recovers from injuries incurred on a previous mission, Dewey Andreas is sent to Paris by CIA Director Hector Calibrisi. The Secretary of State is going there for secret talks and Dewey is to be an extra layer of security above the State Department team. But what should be an easy mission couldn’t go more wrong. The cabal has sent in a hit man to take out the Secretary of State and lay the blame for this murder at the feet of Dewey himself.

With the Secretary of State dead, shot by Dewey’s weapon, Dewey is on the run and out in the cold, desperately trying to unravel the plot before the conspirators succeed in killing millions of innocents.”

And now, thanks to one of our anonymous sources, we can finally put a face with the name. Check out the cover art below: 


Right off the bat, we just gotta say that this artwork looks awesome! It’s like a cross between the covers for Coes’ First Strike and The Last Refugeboth of which look great on bookshelves. 

Also, like with Coup d’Etat and Independence Day, the author’s name appears at the top instead of the bottom, where it sat below the title for Power Down, Eye For An Eye, The Last Refuge, and First Strike

Once again, Trap The Devil doesn’t come out until June 27, 2o17, but it is available for pre-order wherever books are sold–just click here to submit your order today. And don’t forget to check back in early 2017 for our review of Coes’ next highly-anticipated Dewey Andreas thriller! 


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