Cover Reveal: ‘Poisoned Tears’ By J.H. Bográn

With new books from C.J. Box, Joel Rosenberg, Greg Isles, Matthew Quirk, Matthew Betley, Clive Cussler, Jeff Abbott, and Catherine Coulter hitting store shelves, March is shaping up to be one of 2017’s most action-packed months. Topping things off is J.H. Bográn, whose new thriller Poisoned Tears is scheduled for release on March 15th!

Already being called a “a first class roller-coaster ride” by bestselling author Douglas Preston, Bográn’s latest novel is about an ex-NFL player who winds up investigating a serial killer who’s using poisonous animals to kill his victims.

Check out the official plot details below:

Alan Knox’s football career ended in the Superdome twenty years ago. He hates the Big Easy but his son’s fiancée is missing and Knox is compelled to help. Throwing himself into the investigation, he becomes convinced a serial killer is using poisonous animals to disguise women’s deaths as accidents but the NOLA Police Department won’t listen. The investigation follows a twisted and dangerous path when Knox teams up with journalist Scott Trent. Especially when Trent’s wife is brutally murdered and Trent becomes the prime suspect. How many more women must die before Knox can prove his partner’s innocence?

Scroll down to see the slick cover art below, and make sure to check back soon for our review of Poisoned Tears.



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