Mitch Rapp Is Back: See The Cover Art For Kyle Mills’ ‘Enemy Of The State’

When it comes to news about Kyle Mills’ next Mitch Rapp thriller, Enemy of the State, there’s been a steady stream of announcements over the past few months. First, in February, we got a look at the explosive plot details. Then in March, the title was announced. Continuing the trend, April brings with it our first look at the cover art…and it’s awesome! Scroll down to check it out below.



Like we said, it’s awesome! One of the things that makes this cover so great is that it’s pretty similar to the cover art for American Assassin, the first novel (chronologically) in the series–which details how Mitch Rapp joined the CIA.

It’s pretty well known that operatives killed in the line of duty receive a star on the Memorial Wall inside the CIA’s headquarters, so it made sense to incorporate that into the cover art for the book that followed Rapp’s recruitment and training. But in Enemy of the State, we know from the plot details that Rapp is forced to quit the Central Intelligence Agency, which is hinted at by the broken star that’s featured front and center on the slick-looking cover.

Back in 2010 when American Assassin first came out in hardcover, two versions were released. One had a red background and the other was silver. Below are two side-by-side comparison shots of both American Assassin covers next to the artwork for Enemy of the State.

C-YOetDXkAAz5xz.jpg large

C-XrMKCWAAAeMrr.jpg large

Enemy of the State, the sixteenth thriller in Vince Flynn’s #1 New York Times bestselling Mitch Rapp franchise (Kyle Mills has written the last two books, The Survivor and Order To Kill) comes out on September 5th, 2017. It’s a long time to wait, no doubt, but the good news is that you can pre-order Kyle Mills’ new novel here, or anywhere else books are sold.

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