Book Announcement: P.T. Deutermann’s ‘The Iceman’ (With Plot Details)

Following this year’s Red Swan — a spy thriller written in the vein of Jason Matthews’ Red Sparrow trilogy — author P.T. Deutermann is gearing up to release The Iceman in 2018. Check out the plot details below! 

An action-packed dramatic military thriller based on true events featuring a daring World War II submarine commander.

In 1942, off the coast of France there is a United States Navy submarine lurking
just outside the borders of a German U-boat minefield. Luckily, Karl Alexander
Steiner likes a good challenge. As the sub’s lieutenant commander, Steiner calls
the shots, though his enigmatic and cold persona alienates him from the crew
members who worry that the chances he takes might be too risky.

After sinking three German U-boats, a feat that no other American or British sub
had achieved, Steiner is decorated and promoted. With a new fleet boat on Mare
Island, Steiner and his crew set out yet again for the mid-Atlantic Ocean.
Although this voyage proves even more successful than the last, Steiner’s crew
fears his dicey tactics – and begins to undermine his command.

With intense action and the terrifying paranoia of submarine warfare,
The Iceman is the exciting story of how one daring and determined commander
proves the importance of testing luck in WWII naval combat.

Clearly, Deutermanns next book is more of a historical fiction novel than Red Swan, which is a nice change of pace heading into next year. Fans looking to pre-order can do so here, or anywhere else books are sold, though Iceman won’t be available until sometime in August 2018. 


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