‘The Forbidden Door,’ Dean Koontz’s Fourth Jane Hawk Novel, Due Out This Fall

For readers gearing up to grab Dean Koontz’ third Jane Hawk thriller, The Crooked Staircase, when it comes out on May 8th, good news. . . . you won’t have to wait long for the fourth installment of Dean Koontz’s bestselling franchise because the fourth book, titled The Forbidden Door, is scheduled to come out on October 9th.  


The Forbidden Door.jpgJane Hawk–rogue FBI agent and the country’s #1 fugitive–confronts her worst nightmare when her enemies strike shockingly close to home in the explosive new thriller from Dean Koontz, bestselling author of The Silent Corner.

Jane Hawk thinks her precious five-year-old son is hidden safely away, with vigilant, indomitable friends. But the malice and resources of her powerful adversaries are boundless and their hunters are circling ever closer to the boy, hoping to draw his mother into their trap. Jane’s courage, wits, discipline, and skill will be tested as never before, as she searches for a way through an ever-contracting labyrinth of terror.



While I’m not sure what the reason behind the short five-month gap between books three and four is, it’s a total win-win for readers. I read and reviewed The Crooked Staircase, and it’s phenomenal. Jane Hawk is a great new character with a dedicated fanbase that’ll no doubt read these books as fast as Koontz can write them.

Readers excited to pre-order The Forbidden Door can do so here, or anywhere else books are sold. 


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