Exclusive: Matthew Betley’s Fourth Logan West Thriller Announced (With Details)

Next summer, the Logan West train is set to roll through bookstores once again with the release of Rules of War, the highly-anticipated fourth novel from Matthew Betley. 

Betley first introduced readers to Logan West, a former Marine officer turned leader of an elite FBI task force, with his hit debut novel, Overwatch, in 2016. The following spring, Betley followed up with his hard-hitting sophomore thriller, Oath of Honor, before publishing Field of Valor, one of our highest-rated thrillers (scoring a 9.75/10) earlier this year. Known for his authentic dialogue and up-close action sequences, all of his books have received rave reviews and been massive hits with readers, earning him comparisons to Brad Thor and the late Vince Flynn. 

Now, following the massive revelations that came to light in Field of Valor, Logan West is one step closer to bringing down a powerful cabal as he gears up to take on his most dangerous mission yet. . . and we’ve got all the explosive details below! 


Matthew BetleyThe vice president is missing.  The shadow conspiracy known as the Organization lays in ruins after creating a path of death and destruction across the nation’s capitol.  And only Logan West and Task Force Ares know the real reasons behind the global chaos–a rebellion by the most powerful members of the Organization against its Founder, a rebellion led by the vice president, a traitor to his oath of office.  

Picking up in the aftermath of Betley’s unstoppable Field of Valor, Logan West and team find themselves in the Bahamas on the vice president’s trail.  A series of events beyond their control sends the team to South America to end the Organization’s reign of terror once and for all and bring the vice president to justice.  In order to successfully execute their mission, Logan finds himself allied with adversaries and working alongside old enemies with one common objective.  Forced to compromise with his own ideals, Logan and Task Force Ares face one violent confrontation after another, hoping to survive a gauntlet of enemies intent on stopping them and creating more chaos in South America.  

The old ways and codes of conduct are gone. In order to survive, Logan must adapt to a different, merciless geopolitical world with new RULES OF WAR.  Coming Summer 2019.  


With Rules of War set to come out sometime next summer, that gives those who’ve yet to discover Matthew Betley’s work just enough time to read his first three books (available wherever books are sold) before the action kicks back off in 2019.

While there’s no pre-order link yet, we’ll update this article as soon as one is available, so check back for information — including a release date and cover reveal — soon. We’ll have plenty of coverage for this one right up until its release. In the meantime, make sure you’re following Matthew Betley on Twitter and Facebook for more information. 



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