Ward Larsen’s Next David Slaton Thriller Announced (with Details)

Following this year’s Assassin’s Run (2018), David Slaton is set to return in 2019 in Assassin’s Revenge, the latest novel from bestselling author Ward Larsen. 

Without giving anything away from the last book, Slaton was pulled away from the boat he, his wife, and their son call home to help figure out who assassinated a high-profile Russian with close ties to the Russian president. Worse for Slaton, someone framed him for the killing, putting a target on his back. Now, it would appear, Larsen’s fifth book will pick up close to where his last left off, with Slaton returning home to find his family missing. 

Check out the plot details below! 

Assassins Revenge.jpgUSA Today bestselling author Ward Larsen’s globe-trotting, hard-hitting assassin, David Slaton, returns for another breathless adventure in Assassin’s Revenge.

On a sunny dock in Gibraltar, Slaton returns to the sailboat he shares with his wife and young son to find them missing. The only clue to their whereabouts is a cryptic message: If he wants to see them again, he must eliminate an obscure scientist working for the International Atomic Energy Agency. Slaton races to Vienna to unravel the scheme.

Half a world away, a small team of ISIS operatives arrives in North Korea. It is comprised of two suicidal jihadists, one technician, and the caliphate’s only officer with naval experience. Their mission: to reestablish the group’s relevance by undertaking a shocking strike against America.

From Europe to North Korea to the Pacific Ocean, Slaton finds himself entangled in a deadly nuclear game. Working against him are a band of suicidal terrorists, supported by a North Korean government that is about to implode. That slate of actors, however, face something even more lethal.

A devoted father and husband―one who happens to be the perfect assassin.



Ward Larsen is a USA Today bestselling author and five-time winner of the Florida Book Award. His work has been nominated for both the Edgar and Macavity Awards. A former US Air Force fighter pilot, Larsen flew more than twenty missions in Operation Desert Storm. He also served as a federal law enforcement officer and is a trained aircraft accident investigator.

Assassin’s Revenge is scheduled to come out on August 20, 2019, and is currently available for pre-order here or anywhere else books are sold. 


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