Watch: ThrillerTalk Interview with Mark Greaney

A couple of weeks ago, K.J. Howe, my partner in crime, and I had the chance to catch up with Mark Greaney. Let me tell you, if you have to socially distance interview someone, you want it to be Greaney—who is arguably the hottest name in the genre today, with both a hit series to his name and a massive movie in the works set to bring that franchise to life. (Hello Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans.)

What I loved most about this chat was, in all honesty, the amount of laughing we did. Mark is always super fun to talk to. After hitting on a number of topics, we eventually got around to talking about his new Gray Man book, Relentless, which came out Tuesday, February 16th.

If you have a second, check out the full interview below. And if you enjoyed this episode of ThrillerTalk and want to find your way back to the channel for more videos in the future—Howe and I will be interviewing some biggest authors on the planet this year—please consider heading over to Youtube and following us so you’ll get notifications next time we upload something. Thanks! 


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